Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lancashire Gang – The Suspect of VAT fraud Sentenced for £56m
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This news is about two Lancashire men, who were suspected to be involved in £56.5 million VAT and money-laundering fraud. Finally both of these Lancashire men verdict to be in prison for 34 years for their fraudulent activities.

These two Lancashire men were Adam Umerji, a 33 years old guy, and Addullah Yusaf Allad, a 32 years old guy. Both were actually accused of their crime back in January, 2009 but escaped before the legal trial. Umerji and Allad were not alone in this crime. 3 others were also involved but they pleaded guilty prior to the legal trail, which is why they were sentenced to prison for only 15 years old at Liverpool Crown Court.

All these 5 men were involved in operating a number of fake companies, which were used to deal with mobile phone trade. They claimed million of pounds on the purchase of stock by submitting fake VAT repayment claims. Doing all this, they made a lot of money from innocent people. The story does not end here, as from the safety point of view, they transferred all this money from UK to Dubai and the truth revealed.  

The crime was so organized that even his Honour Judge Swift also declared this conspiracy as the most carefully and cleverly organized one. According to him, the entire conspiracy looked so much real but in fact, it was just an organized scam. Moreover, he clarified that Allad and Umerji were the real masterminds behind this entire scam and the level of their offending took the verdict far beyond the normal sentencing guidelines of any fraud case. 

HMRC investigated the case in detail and found the fraud of £37 million from the launch of fake network of companies back in 2006 by the gang.
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